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Cabinet Style

Choosing the right cabinet style depends on your personal taste, the overall kitchen design, and the atmosphere you want to create in your space. We at KB Design Solutions are here to help.

1. Shaker Style:
   – Characteristics: Clean lines, simple design, and a timeless aesthetic
   – Versatility: Well-suited for various kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.
2. Flat-Panel or Slab Style:
   – Characteristics: Minimalistic with a flat, smooth surface.
   – Modern Appeal: Emphasizes simplicity and is popular in contemporary kitchen designs.
3. Raised-Panel Style:
   – Characteristics: Panels that are raised from the cabinet frame, often with intricate detailing.
   – Traditional Elegance: Ideal for those seeking a more classic and ornate look.
4. Glass-Front Cabinets:
   – Characteristics: Doors with glass panels, allowing visibility of the cabinet contents.
   – Open Feel: Adds an open and airy quality to the kitchen, suitable for displaying dishware or decorative items.
5. Open Shelving:
   – Characteristics: No doors, creating an open and accessible storage solution.
   – Modern and Casual: Adds a contemporary and casual vibe, allowing for easy access to frequently used items.
6. Inset Cabinets:
   – Characteristics: Doors and drawers set inside the cabinet frame, creating a flush surface.
   – Classic Elegance: Offers a high-end, furniture-like appearance.
7. Beadboard Cabinets:
   – Characteristics: Vertical grooves or “beads” on the cabinet doors.
   – Cottage Charm: Adds a touch of country or cottage-style charm to the kitchen.
8. Distressed or Weathered Cabinets:
   – Characteristics: Aged or worn appearance, giving a rustic or vintage feel.
   – Antique Appeal: Ideal for those seeking a warm, lived-in look with character.