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This thought and practice of our mission statement started many years ago when I started selling real estate. The satisfaction of helping people find homes they could love and grow into was exciting. I enjoyed both the challenge of finding affordability and making the process a smooth one. Sub-division development also fostered my career dream to help people love their homes. Finding and offering sites to build affordable and beautiful homes was my passion.

As we know, markets change throughout the years but the idea, to be able to assist families love their homes, was still my driving force. I knew that we would take existing homes and change especially kitchens and bathrooms, to help families love their homes. I get excited each time we finish a project and see the love and satisfaction the customer has in their eyes. Our team of experts now shares my dream and are here to help make it come true for you.

We are passionate about helping families love their home! We have been doing business in Kansas for over twenty years and in the last two years we have designed, supplied, and installed over 400 kitchens!


First we understand your style, space, budget and wants.  We want you to understand your needs are #1.


Then we get to work on your all areas of your design.  Whether it is a small project or large, every detail is planned for you.


Our experienced team of skilled tradesmen will handle all the work, you get to sit back and enjoy the finished project.

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We have done over 400 projects in the last 10 years.  We would love to inspire you with a wide selection of examples.  Rest assured that we know all the details and products that go into each one.

10x10 Kitchen Special
10x10 Kitchen Special

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